You choose the top stories of 2013

The Erie Times-News and need your help in selecting the top 10 local stories of the year.

To get you started, the editors and reporters have compiled a list of 15 stories to choose from. Rank them for 1 to 10, with 1 being the top story. The results of the poll will appear in the Erie Times-News and on on Dec. 26.

Voting will end Dec. 2.

  •   GE Transportation announces massive layoffs.
  •   Elections bring change in Erie County government, Millcreek.
  •   Finances of Millcreek Township School District unravel.
  •   Gun violence strikes city; police kill robbery suspect.
  •   Erie Insurance Arena reopens after $47 million renovation.
  •   The Indians and Pirates both make baseball playoffs.
  •   Health insurance exchanges arrive; Saint Vincent Hospital becomes part of Allegheny Health Network.
  •   Regional Center for Workforce Excellence gets overhauled.
  •   #AJO pay-it-forward campaign, named for the late Alyssa Josephine O’Neill, goes international.
  •   Tall Ships Erie and Perry 200 celebration make for an historic summer.
  •   Erie Insurance Group announces big expansion.
  •   Seven employees fired at Erie’s municipal garage.
  •   Gun rights become even more of a local issue; gun rallies take place.
  •   City agrees McBride Viaduct must go, ending long study process.
  •   Two homicides in Crawford County: Headless body found; prosecution of 2012 case involving two female defendants.
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