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Prototype Escape Games was founded by Joseph W. Brazfield in 2019 and opened its doors to the public in February 2021. Prototype derives its name from a book entitled “E-Myth.” In the book, author Michael Gerber explains the importance of creating a “franchise Prototype” – in other words, creating a business that other businesses will be built upon. That is precisely what we set out to do.

Everything at Prototype Escape Games is created in-house by the owner and founder, Joseph W. Brazfield. Joseph is a player and an entrepreneur, so he designs and builds games that he would want to play. This means avoiding players’ common complaints with escape rooms and amplifying the features that players love.

What we have:

  • Technology and automatic locks
  • Emphasis on lighting (No fluorescent lightbulbs in your game)
  • Puzzles that actually make sense
  • Multiple rooms in each game
  • Non-Linear gameplay so that everyone is involved in the experience
  • One game master per room so that you get the attention you paid for

What we don’t have:

  • An iPad for you to carry around while you play
  • Broken puzzles
  • Small, cramped rooms
  • Padlocks galore
  • Single room games
  • One game master doing multiple rooms at the same time

Have you ever played a room that was hard because nothing made sense?

Have you ever asked for a clue only to be ignored by your game master? Or worse, had your game master respond to the wrong room?

Have you ever been trying to set that magnet sensor juuuuust right so that it will work the way it was intended?

Have you ever been told, “Oh, that’s broken right now. Just skip it, and I’ll give you the answer.”?

Have you ever been standing around waiting on the rest of your team to solve the puzzle so you guys can move on?

Prototype is here to change that. Whether this is your 100th escape room or your first, Prototype Escape Games in Jacksonville, Florida, will show you what an escape room should feel like.

Don’t break out of a room, Break into one.



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Jenniffer Keefe

Jenniffer Keefe grew up in a small, quiet town in the Pass Area in Southern California. Being the oldest of six children, Jenniffer opted to spend many days with her grandparents, who lived just a half-mile up the street. It was with her grandmother, who loved to decorate, where she received inspiration for her future architecture and interior design goals. When she was 12 years old, Jenniffer was gifted a copy of 3D Home Architect. It was then in which she started designing her own homes and even redecorating her grandparent’s home to propose future projects.

At 18 years old, Jenniffer started attending Brooks College and received her Associates in Interior Design. After a few years, Jenniffer enrolled at Norco College to major in Architecture. She earned her Certification of Architecture and remained on the Dean’s List for her entire stay at Norco College. A few of her design teachers still use her final design projects as examples for future students.

In addition to education, Jenniffer has taken on many design projects during her late 20’s. Jenniffer took the offer to design for the Kimberly Crest Gardens in Redlands, California. She also assisted with the design of a new playground completed by a Habitat for Humanity project. Jenniffer has also taken on many volunteer roles to enhance her public speaking and leadership skills.

Today, Jenniffer plays a vital role in the design process at Prototype Escape Games. The games available in Jacksonville wouldn’t be possible without her.

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Joseph W. Brazfield

Joseph W. Brazfield grew up outside of Hollywood, California, as a lifelong football fan. His mother and father treated American football like it was a religion. His father was an Oakland Raider fan, and his mother a San Fransisco 49er fan. When he turned six years old, he decided to be a Jacksonville Jaguars fan and swore that he would one day move to Jacksonville to be closer to his team.

Joseph received his GED early and attended college to receive his certifications in surgical technology. At the age of 18, he was working alongside surgeons and other medical staff. After 9 years of scrubbing cases, he pursued a career in medical device sales where he taught doctors how to use the latest technology in sports medicine.

At 28 years old, Joseph wrote and published his first bookHolographic Ambitionsthat aims to teach young adults how to transform their lives, and has given lectures to young entrepreneurs.

At 29 years old, Joseph began to build what is now known as Prototype Escape Games. Driven by his disdain for social media and smartphones in general, The appeal of a business that aims to bring families and friends together for 1 hour to communicate and form lasting memories was relentless.

Everything that is Prototype Escape Games comes from the hands and mind of Joseph W. Brazfield. The logo that decorates its walls, the wood that builds the games, the electrical that brings the props and puzzles to life, even the coding of the motherboards that illuminate the rooms, are all the creations of a young man determined to make the best escape room possible.

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About | Prototype Escape Games (2024)
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