Forbidden Fruit- Beyoncé/ Reneé Rapp - "Just Friends" (2024)


Beyoncé's P.O.V.

This sh*t was beyond me! My first day on the job and I found out I was just out with one of my boss's daughters the night before. I know Reneé's a grown woman, but Governor Rapp made it clear that she expected nothing but professionalism from all her employees. I'm pretty sure entertaining one of her flirtatious daughters was not what she would consider professional behavior. I was about to have a panic attack. So I texted Onika and Meg in our Instagram group chat....


Beyoncé: "Y'all.....tell me why the f*ck I just found out Reneé is one of Governor Rapp's daughters! 😭"

Megan: "Come again?! 👀"

Onika: "That's what the governor's daughter wants to make her do, bae! 😭🤧 But on a serious note, how is that white girl the governor's daughter?! Are you sure Bey?!"

Beyoncé: "Girl, yes! I can't send y'all any pictures. But it's pictures of her from when she was a baby and everything up in here! She's adopted obviously."

Megan: "Ok well, it's not really a big deal, Beyoncé. Y'all are just friends. And she's grown! It's not like you're some 30 year old creep that befriended a 15 year old online or something."

Beyoncé: "It was still unprofessional of me to be out with my boss's daughter!"

Onika: "You didn't know she was your boss's daughter though, Bey!"

Beyoncé: "Right....but now that I know, I gotta keep my distance. This is a good paying job and I can't lose it. Oh and please delete that picture of Reneé I sent y'all! I'm not supposed to send or post any pics of Governor Rapp's family."

Megan: "It's deleted. But I still feel like you shouldn't have to stop being Reneé's friend. As long as you take care of her brother from 8 am -4 pm like her momma hired you to do, what you do after 4 is your damn business! Even if it's with Reneé!"

Beyoncé: "Idk....but I'll text y'all later. Sir just woke up from his nap. Let me give him some lunch right quick."

Onika: "Ok, girl. Stop by later if you want to. I'm cooking."

Megan: "Yeah, come have dinner with us. Bring Reneé if you want to! 😁"

Beyoncé: "BYE! 😭"

I just couldn't stop looking at all those damn pictures of Reneé that were staring me right in the face.It all started to make sense to me. Those older black lady vibes I picked up from her were due to her being raised by black women. I couldn't be mad at her because her family is private for many good reasons. I remember when Governor Rapp was elected, the Republicans and a lot of racist people were threatening to assassinate her. So I couldn't blame her for keeping pictures of her kids off the internet.

While giving Sir his lunch, he pointed behind me and said, "Neé Neé!"

I turned around to see Reneé smiling....but she was giving one of those nervous smiles. Then her crazy ass had the nerve to say, "Honey, I'm home!"

" know this is a hot mess, right?!", I asked.

"It doesn't have to be. I mean, why should who my momma is change anything between us?", Reneé asked.

"Because she's my boss, Reneé! I don't want her to think I'm unprofessional. I need this job. I'm running out of the money my husband left me in his will and...."

"Beyoncé, please! You're trembling. Calm down. We're just friends, remember? My momma won't care if I'm friends with my baby brother's nanny", Reneé said.

"Reneé.....does your momma know you have a history of hooking up with women my age?", I asked.

"Yeah, but they still won't think I'm hooking up with you. Look, we're both grown. Nobody has to even know that we see each other outside of this house...oh sh*t....I forgot...."

"You forgot what?", I asked.

She sighed and ran her hand through her blonde hair. "I sort of showed my sisters a picture of you last night", she replied.

"sh*t! So they know we went out together?! Reneé, what if they snitch?!"

"First of all, they won't. And second...again, we are grown as f*ck, Beyoncé! So please calm down for me, baby....I'm not going to let you get fired. I got you...", she said.

I hated how her words and also the way her blue eyes gazed into my brown ones actually soothed me. I also hated how my heart started beating fast. And it wasn't due to anxiety that time.

Also, my girly part down there was acting a bit strange. I told her to calm the f*ck down because we like men! Even if I might've had a few fantasies the previous night about what it would be like to experiment with Reneé, I knew that I definitely couldn't after finding out who's daughter she is!

"What are you doing here anyway? Don't you have classes?", I asked.

"Thursday and Friday are my short days. Are you that disappointed to see me?", she asked.

"I didn't say that. I was just curious", I replied.

"Well you know I'm more than willing to fulfill any curiosities that you have, baby", she said as she pretty much eye f*cked me without my consent!

The problem is, it didn't creep me actually made me feel sexy....and desired....I haven't felt that way since my husband passed.

But, I shook that sh*t off! I cleared my throat and asked what other shows does Sir like to watch besides Gracie's Corner and Paw Patrol?

"I kind of think he's into The Sex Lives of College Girls and Bel Air honestly", she said.

"Girl, bye! Stop playing with me!", I exclaimed while laughing because what the f*ck?!

She chuckled. "Throw in some Baby Shark and he'll be your best friend for life. Any other questions for me?", she asked.

"'s it", I replied.

"Well, I have homework. Let me know if you need anything. I'll be in my room", she said.

"Ok....", I simply said.

Everything was all good. Sir and I had fun together. But when Reneé came downstairs in nothing but a f*cking towel, I knew sh*t was about to get wild! I looked away quickly.

"sh*t.....where is it....?", I heard her mumble.

"What are you looking for?", I asked.

"My moisturizer.....I just can't seem to find it....oh, here it is....In Sir's playpen! You have some explaining to do, buddy!", she said to Sir.

I chuckled. "He can be a menace, huh?"

"You ain't seen nothing yet, girl.....And you don't have to look away from me, Beyoncé's not like I'm completely naked."

Well sh*t, she might as well have been! She looked really good by the way....

"I um...."

"How long had you been with your husband, Beyoncé?", she randomly asked.

"Since high school....we got together in the eleventh grade....", I replied.

"Wow.....What's it like to be in love with someone for years like that?", she asked.

"It can be the best feeling in the world. But it can also be the most painful....especially in cases like mine....", I replied.

"Do you ever think you'll allow someone else to love you?", she asked.


"Well, I'm going to go ahead and hop in the shower. Hey, we're still hanging out together this weekend, right?", she asked.

My brain wanted to say hell no! But my heart was like, "Yeah! Of course!"

We're just friends.....nothing wrong with two friends hanging out......

Forbidden Fruit- Beyoncé/ Reneé Rapp - "Just Friends" (2024)
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