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Quick info

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Distinctive terpenes

Myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene

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Helps with

Stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia

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When to use


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Forbidden Fruit Strain Overview | Thailand | Weed Review (7)SativaForbidden Fruit Strain Overview | Thailand | Weed Review (8)Indica

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Effects & Usage

Forbidden Fruit Strain Overview | Thailand | Weed Review (9)Uplifting

Forbidden Fruit Strain Overview | Thailand | Weed Review (10)Relaxed

Forbidden Fruit Strain Overview | Thailand | Weed Review (11)Happy


Forbidden Fruit, a tantalising Indica-dominant hybrid, is an exotic fusion of the cherished Cherry Pie and the citric Tangie. Packing a THC content between 15-25%, this celestial strain invites you to an alluring voyage of tranquillity and introspection. It is also a spectacular sensory delight, pleasing your tastebuds with its fruity flair.


While getting your hands on the Forbidden Fruit is not always the easiest, it is definitely worth it. The strain has gathered a loyal fanbase worldwide not only for its delicious aroma and taste but also for the blissful effects it provides.

This flower makes its presence known with a soothing wave of calm that lightens your being. It spreads down the body with a tingly sensation, making it weightless as all tension evaporates. Simultaneously, the mind will enjoy a bloom of cerebral ecstasy – you will instantly forget all your problems and enjoy the moment in a peaceful, dreamy state. Forbidden Fruit takes you to a paradise where everything seems joyful.

This relaxed, inspiring high is perfect for some mindful evenings with yoga or meditation, giving your spiritual experiences an extra deep dimension. It also pairs perfectly with a comedy movie, making you giggle at the silliest jokes.

For a similar feeling of bliss with some citrusy sensations, tryMandarin Cookies. You can also dive into our large Indica strain database,where you will find plenty of other flowers with similar effects.


Forbidden Fruit can be potentially beneficial in various conditions, relating to both the body and the mind. The high content of soothing, relaxing myrcene can temporarily relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. By releasing tension, the strain can also help with muscle spasms and facilitate a peaceful night of sleep for those struggling with insomnia.

It may also serve as a potent painkiller, thanks to caryophyllene. It can be successfully utilised to provide short-term relief in chronic pain and migraines.

Side effects

This flower is usually well tolerated, and its side effects are mostly limited to the infamous cottonmouth and dry eyes. This strain may occasionally trigger episodes of paranoia and anxiety for sensitive individuals, particularly those susceptible to mental health conditions. Therefore, ensure that you practise responsible consumption, starting with a single puff and gradually increasing the dose if necessary.

Taste & Smell

Forbidden Fruit Strain Overview | Thailand | Weed Review (12)Citrus

Forbidden Fruit Strain Overview | Thailand | Weed Review (13)Tropical/Fruity

Forbidden Fruit Strain Overview | Thailand | Weed Review (14)Piney

The name of this strain is certainly justified, as its irresistible aroma makes it difficult to resist. You will be met by a pleasant bouquet of floral notes enhanced by a hint of pine and zesty fruitiness, coming across as a fresh mix of lemon and cherries.

The taste is just as charming – and this might easily be the most delicious strain you have ever smoked. Expect a unique combination of floral hues and tropical fruity goodness with distinct lemon, grapefruit, mango and cherry hints rounded off by a nut-like and musky essence. The appearance of the flowers adds a delightful touch to the overall experience, as the dense and tightly packed buds display a beautiful array of bright colours, from purple and orange to blue and pink.

If you fancy a fresh, citrusy taste but are looking for a more energising high, check out Mimosa.

Forbidden Fruit Strain Overview | Thailand | Weed Review (15)


Coming from the aromaticCherry Pieand the tranquillity-inducing Tangie, Forbidden Fruit celebrates a majestic lineage. Much like the mythical fruit from which it takes its name, it evokes temptation with its distinct and mouthwatering citrus essence, intertwined with an undercurrent of ripe, juicy cherry sweetness. It hails from the sunny shores of California, having been created in Santa Clara by Chameleon Extracts.

Growing conditions

Forbidden Fruit showcases resilience and adaptability, displaying a noteworthy resistance to pests, diseases, mould and mildew. It is fairly low-maintenance, making it suitable even for novice cultivators.

It can flourish indoors and outdoors but needs plenty of sun and moderate humidity. It thrives best in temperatures around 20-26°C, meaning you can successfully grow it outdoors during Thai winter.

Within ten weeks, you can expect your plants to reach a medium height of up to 1 metre, yielding between 400-600 grams per square metre indoors and around 500 grams per plant outdoors.

Forbidden Fruit Strain Overview | Thailand | Weed Review (2024)
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