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The Magic Wand, a major tool of the craft, beloved by many has gained in popularity among the ages and apart from the broom and the pointy hat it is another traditional trademark that gives any image of a witch, especially in popular media, its very essence. The touch of the wand transfers gathered energies, weaves spells and sets magic in motion.

A. Tools of the Craft: The Wonderful Magic Wand

In traditional witchcraft, the wand represents the element of Fire, the burning torch, reminding us the story of Prometheus who after stealing the Fire from the Gods he gave it as a gift to the Human Race. The Wand is the vessel that directs the magical, divine energy that exists all around us and channelled by the witch it can be directed through the wand to make magic happen.

According to my grandmother, the wand is also a phallic symbol of fertility, this remarkable tool was the ‘stick’ that witches used to stir the magic cauldron in order to brew potions, see the future and cast their spells. Similar to the Holy Rite where the athame meets the chalice, the masculine and feminine energies are connected in this ritual with the ‘wand’ and ‘cauldron’. A celebration of sexuality and the mysteries of life and death.

In Hebrew and Christian biblical story, Abraham carries a staff, the bigger more robust cousin of the wand and apart from a walking aid he uses it to cast all types of magic in order to lead the enslaved to their freedom through their passage from the Red Sea.

You can find many stories and tales and you are more than welcome to research more and adopt the lore that you feel more comfortable with. All in all, the Wand is an ancient remarkable tool, that connects us with the natural world and aids in the practice of our Craft by transferring energy as a vessel.

How to make your Wand

To begin with, the wand is a very personal item like all the magical tools we use and it needs to work well with your energy. Of course there are many ready made wands that look fantastic and may inspire you however, Nature’s abundance provides them for free. I will give you information from our practice on how to make your own in 5 steps which you can customize to your needs and personal situations.

1. Choose a tree that you feel connected to

My Grandmother believed that all Nature is alive and communicates with us, we just have to listen and all will come. If there is a special tree that you have nice memories of, inspires you with its strength, beauty or shape, or you simply feel drawn to then that is the perfect start. I will share a list of trees and their properties – which is most suitable to your Zodiac Sign and your Moon Sign – on a separate article if you want additional symbolism as well.

2. Take the time to deepen the connection with the Tree

I have been taught to start the Connection on the Day of the Full Moon. If that is possible you may wish to visit the Tree on the Full Moon to connect, ask permission, and give your gift. As to get a gift, you must give a gift. Make an offering to the tree may that be a coin, a silver object, milk and honey, whatever you feel is right to honor that connection. Traditionally, you should look in your heart on whether the Tree agrees or not with your choice. If you have feelings of peace, calm, and joy that is a yes, if you feel angry, sad or pain then that is a no. If the answer is a no simply look for another tree ally.

3. Feel the branch you are drawn to and cut it

Traditionally, after step 2 the Witch will come back and cut the wand on the next New Moon and use the period in between to strengthen the connection with the Tree and through its roots with the whole planet. This was a significant period that the Witch may receive guidance in dreams from the Spirit World. If that is not possible after the offering you can cut the branch you feel drawn to given that you have permission. The wand should be cut to measure the length of your forearm and when you cut it you should say “You and me we meet as One, This Gift I accept with open Heart”. Congratulations you have your own wand.

4.Let the Branch dry

Usually it takes a full moon circle for the branch to be made ready. You can use this time to empower the Wand with incense and spells. Also if possible use this time to decorate it as you please. You may want to add a crystal, paint symbols, use ribbons, be creative and pour your love in it.

5. Use the Wand on the Next New Moon

When you are ready breathe on the Wand and say:

“This Sacred Night a Star has fallen in my arms
Sacred Powers of Old breathe life to this Wan
I awake this Tool of my Craft
Breath of my Breath we meet as One,
I wield Miracles with this Wand
Gods bless my Heart and Hand!”

Traditionally, a personal fluid was used to seal the ritual and make the object personal. I leave that to your discretion and as an optional step.

Congratulations! Your Wand that dances and dreams with all Creation is Born!

Final Thoughts

My grandmother, used to say : “Wands, as the sands of time pass, from one generation to the other, connect our lineage, our energy, our Past, our Present, our Future”. Wands were one of the tools that was passed from the oldest witch to the younger and with that the responsibility to use it to honor her/his lineage. Of course, this is a simple metaphor showing the enlightenment that passes from one generation to the other, and I want you to take a moment to remember that every time you will turn and use your wand your hand is held by 100 other witches before you, like a tree with many branches, all with their own experiences, personalities, hopes and fears.

You may want to use the words of this old wise woman or find your own way to express that. I want you to remind yourself that you are not alone, even when it feels like it, but you are wielding a remarkable amount of energy and you are connected to the source of all things. Even the simple realization of this will give you confidence and will unblock any obstacles you may have when practicing. Evoke and honour all that power and wisdom with your deeds!

- - -

How to make a Magic Wand - Magical Recipes Online (2024)


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What is a witch's magic stick called? ›

The Magic Wands are magical tools predominantly used by witches to channel magical energy and perform magic. They are part of the basic equipment of a witch and her male counterparter wizard.

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Anderson explains that, although broomsticks served various magical purposes, their main use was for clearing away negative energy ahead of a ritual. "A witch would walk in a clockwise circle around his or her designated area, swinging the broom back and forth as he or she goes," she says.

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Based on their magical symbolism, stage magicians often use "magic wands" as part of their misdirection. These wands are traditionally short and black, with white tips. A magic wand may be transformed into other items, grow, vanish, move, display a will of its own, or behave magically in its own right.

How do you attach a crystal to a wand? ›

Cut an indentation into the wood where you're going to attach the crystal, clamp it down, then use epoxy to attach it. Wait a day or so for the epoxy to cure, then wrap copper craft wire around the connection and the base of the crystal, and epoxy it down too.

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