Rekindling Flames Before the Farewell - Chapter 1 - 143seungmin (2024)

Chapter Text

Minho turns off the television, sighing.

Changbin is sitting restlessly next to him biting on his nails and his leg shaking so hard that Minho feels the vibrations in his own body. It makes him want to sigh louder.

"Bin, it's okay. It's not like it's the end of the world."

"It literally is!" Changbin cries and, oops. Of all things, this wasn't the good thing to say. Minho should think twice before speaking sometimes.

"Yeah, but everyone is going to die anyway. I don't see why it's a big deal," he shrugs. The only thing that saddens him is the fact that his three precious cats will die too. The rest... Well, the rest is nothing but a burden.

"Because we'll die in less than two weeks and I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die, hyung!"

Minho briefly wonders whether he should be concerned or not for not caring about his life at all, and then Changbin starts crying like a baby. Minho is torn between rolling his eyes and feeling bad for him.

He opts for the second option. "Changbinnie..." He calls out softly, patting his back and rubbing circles on it. Changbin sobs and hides his face into his neck.

"I'm sorry, I'm just... Scared. So scared."

"It's understandable," Minho smiles a little. "Don't be afraid, okay? Everything is gonna be fine. Even if the apocalypse happens, you'll die as a handsome guy," he teases.

Changbin giggles weakly and wipes his tears away.

"Remember the bucket list you made when you were seventeen?" Minho continues. Changbin nods, sniffing. "Maybe it's time to do them all. What were they again?"

"I- uh..." Changbin frowns as he tries to remember the things he wrote. "Write a song. Get a tattoo. Murder my Japanese teacher. Ask Hwang Hyunjin out." Changbin's eyes go a bit unfocused and his lips tug upward a little.

"Hwang Hyunjin?" Minho asks. He remembers him. When he was in his last year of high school, Hyunjin was in his first. Someone he knew back then had befriended Hyunjin so they had crossed paths a few times. Hyunjin looked scared of Minho every time. "I didn't know you had a crush on him."

Changbin groans. "Just a silly crush. It's been almost ten years now so who cares anymore."

"I do," Minho says. "You should find him. Ask him out on a date."

"And get rejected? No, thank you. It's embarrassing."

"The embarrassment won't last long, considering we're gonna die in a few days."

"Could you be less direct, hyung?" Changbin complains, pinching Minho's arm. "Besides, how can I find him?"

"We have internet, Bin," Minho deadpans.

"Oh yeah."

Changbin spends the next five minutes on his phone, scrolling through all his socials in hope to find one of Hwang Hyunjin's accounts.

"Found him," he says proudly. Minho looks over his shoulder. It's an Instagram account with a lot of followers and aesthetic feed, but what catches Minho's attention is the small 'followed by miniverse0922'.

"You still follow him?" He asks, trying very hard not to let the annoyance show in his voice and failing.

"Hmm? Who?"

"Kim Seungmin," Minho says the name as if it's poison.

"Well. We haven't talked in years but. Yeah. I never thought of unfollowing him and I think it's something he doesn't care about. Unlike someone I know," Changbin says pointedly.

Minho shrugs. He hasn't spoken to Seungmin in years neither. They don't have a reason to anymore. When he and Seungmin broke up, he unfollowed him everywhere and blocked his number. Seungmin had made no effort to reach for him neither. Call Minho petty but isn't his beautiful face and wonderful personality worth fighting for?

Seungmin's loss anyway.

However, just because they had broken up didn't mean that their mutual friends had to pick a side like they were kids of divorced parents. But they did. That's why Minho isn't friend with half of his friends anymore. Sometimes he misses them— Felix and Jeongin, not Seungmin— but it's all in the past now. Good memories. That's all.

He still wishes Felix a good birthday and Jeongin a happy new year though. And when their insta posts appear on his feed, he hearts it and goes on his day.

So he shouldn't feel betrayed that Changbin still follow Seungmin, but he does.

"Whatever," Minho huffs. "So you found your prince charming. What are you waiting for? DM him," he urges his friend. Thinking of Kim Seungmin has enraged him.

Changbin sends him a nervous glance, his fingers hovering over the keyboard. He bites on his lower lip and types something, deletes it and repeats the process again.

"I can't."

"Changbin-ssi, are you a man?" Minho says, a bit dramatic.

"What kind of question is that? Of course I am!"

"Then act like one and ask him out."

"Hyung, can't you do it for me?" Changbin whines, grabbing Minho's shoulders and shaking him a little.

"Hell no," Minho frowns. "That's your task. Go ahead. I'm watching you."

Changbin pouts and finally decides to send his message.

"What should I say?" Changbin asks nervously. Whatever happened to 'it was just a silly crush'.

"Something like 'if you reject me, I'm gonna kill myself in front of you and change the trajectory of your life forever'," Minho suggests. "Hum– no. Nevermind. You're gonna die anyway."

Changbin sends him a scandalized look. As Changbin stares at Minho in horror, Minho can't help but burst into laughter. The tension in the room dissipates a little as Changbin's expression shifts from shock to amusem*nt.

"Okay, okay, I'm kidding," Minho says, still chuckling. "Just be yourself. You dated Jeon Soyeon, you can do it. Simple and casual."

Changbin nods, taking a deep breath to compose himself. With shaky fingers, he types out the message and hits send.

It’s only a few hours later when Minho has already forgotten about it, scrolling down on TikTok, that Changbin– who don’t even live here, mind you– bursts the door of his room open, panting like he has just run a marathon.

“He answered!” A smile spreads across his face as he reads the response out loud for Minho: “He said ‘Hi, Changbin sunbae, I remember you! You were Lee Minho sunbae’s friend, right? It’s good to hear from you! And I’m down for a coffee, is Wednesday too soon?’ Oh my god.”

Minho hums, quite surprised that Hyunjin had mentioned his name.

"He said yes!" Changbin exclaims, excitement evident in his voice.

“So I heard.” Minho grins, genuinely happy for his friend. "See? I told you it would be fine.”

Changbin nods eagerly, already typing out a message to finalize their plans. As he does, Minho can't help but frown.

“Wait. Did he say Wednesday?”

“Yes,” Changbin says without looking up from his phone.

“Bin. It’s in two days.”


Minho stares at his friend, hoping his eyes can convey the most ‘are you stupid’ message. “I think he lives in Seoul. That’s like at the opposite of Korea.”

Changbin pauses, realization dawning on him. "Oh... right. That might be a bit of an issue."

“A bit of an issue, indeed.”

Considering the world is ending is two weeks, Minho supposes that the roads would be packed of people wanting to spend their last days with their family. Same with trains and planes, that is if the employees want to keep working. Some of Minho’s colleagues has sent a message saying that they won’t work anymore. It’s understandable, Minho would have done the same if he had a family to visit too.

He sighs, scratching his head as he starts to think of a way to get Changbin to Seoul in such a short amount of time.

As they begin searching internet for solutions, Minho can't shake the feeling of determination that washes over him. Despite the impending apocalypse, he refuses to let his friend miss out on this chance to have a good time with an ex-crush. If he has nothing to do himself, he will help his friend.

“I found two train tickets for tomorrow!” Changbin interrupts the silence.

Minho looks up from his laptop where he was looking for someone carpooling to Seoul. “That’s good!” Then he pauses. “Two? What do you mean by two tickets?”

“You thought I’d let you rot in your bed alone?” Changbin says as if it was obvious.

“I have SoonDoongDo. I’m not alone.”

“Don’t care.” As Minho opens his mouth because, hey, his cats are very important to him, Changbin continues: “They can come with us.”

Minho blinks, momentarily stunned by Changbin's audacity. "You want to bring my cats on a train to Seoul?"

Changbin nods enthusiastically, his excitement palpable. "Of course! Plus, I'm sure they'd love the adventure." The cats are like their dad. They won’t like the adventure, Minho pettily thinks.

However, he considers the idea for a moment. Sure, it's unconventional, but with the impending apocalypse looming over them, why not make some unconventional choices? Besides, the thought of having his furry companions by his side during what could potentially be their final days is comforting.

"Alright," Minho concedes, not unkindly but sulking. "Let's do it.”

Changbin's grin widens, and they both set to work making the necessary arrangements. They book the train tickets, pack their bags with essentials and clothes for three days.

Minho ensures that Soonie, Doongie and Dori consent for the journey ahead. They all meow at him and Minho takes it for a yes, we can’t wait to get out of here. Minho takes some offense to that. He thought they were homebuddies just like him.

(“Where are we going to sleep, though?” Minho asks as they both go to bed. Changbin attaches himself to the older man.

“I know someone,” Changbin answers.

“You know someone?” Minho, incredulous, blinks, but Changbin is already snoring on his shoulder.)

Minho is going to kill Changbin.

Thankfully for his friend, he has his big cat carrier on his back and holding a cat box in one hand, so he can’t move much. He keeps glaring at Changbin, hoping looks can kill, but the traitor is happily talking to Kim Seungmin.

That’s right. Kim Seungmin.

Seungmin who looks just as pleased to see Minho in front of him.

“You didn’t tell me Lee Minho was going to be here,” he says to Changbin, still side-eyeing Minho.

“Minho hyung,” Minho instinctively corrects Seungmin. He sighs loudly. It’s not because they have broken up in bad terms that Seungmin has the right to disrespect him.

Minho,” Seungmin stubbornly replies.

This is Changbin’s lucky day because Minho is going to kill Seungmin instead. Count your f*cking days, Kim Seungmin, Minho mentally curses him in his head.

Or maybe he has said it out loud, because Seungmin grins and says: “I have fifteen days left to live.”

“And I hope it’s your last one,” Minho mumbles.

Changbin elbows Minho, shooting him a warning look before turning back to Seungmin. "Ignore him, he's just being dramatic. Thank you for letting us stay with you!”

“Letting you stay. I didn’t agree on anything concerning Minho,” Seungmin huffs, arms crossed.

Minho can already feel his headache coming. “Minho hyung,” he repeats but Seungmin pointedly ignores him.

“Minnie-“ Changbin whines, and Minho wonders whether it’s appropriate or not to call Seungmin by a cute nickname even after they stopped being friends. And is it normal to ask someone you haven’t spoken to in years to accommodate you?

But maybe Minho is just a hypocrite. If Felix or Jeongin ever happened to ask him if they could stay at his place for a few days, he wouldn’t refuse. He would even ruffle Jeongin’s hair and take Felix in a bone-crushing hug.

However, Changbin talking so freely with Seungmin is an unsettling sight. Deep down, even if he refuses to acknowledge it, he feels guilty for being the reason of ending a beautiful friendship like Changbin and Seungmin’s.

He’s cut off of his thoughts when Seungmin steps towards him. Minho naturally takes a step back, frowning.

“Easy there. I was asked to help you carry your bags,” Seungmin explains, an uninterested look on his face.

Minho, once again, throws Changbin a betrayed look. The latter only smiles and says: “You have so many bags, hyung. Let Minnie help you.”

As much as he would not like Seungmin to get his hands paws on his stuff, his muscles are aching from the weight of all his baggage. Therefore, he reluctantly hands him his luggage with his clothes in it. There’s no way he would let his Seungmin near his baby cats.

Speaking of his babies, Soonie suddenly meows, probably just as displeased to see Seungmin as he is. They have never liked Seungmin anyways, and maybe Minho should have taken it as a sign to never date him.

“You still have them,” Seungmin says as he briefly makes eye contact with the cat inside the carrier. Minho nods curtly, not bothering to elaborate. He doesn't owe Seungmin any explanations about his life or his pets.

Changbin intervenes quickly, trying to ease the tension. "Yeah, hyung wouldn't leave his babies behind, especially not now."

Seungmin merely shrugs, still uninterested, and starts walking ahead, carrying Minho's luggage. Minho finds Seungmin's indifference infuriating— when back then he would try to befriend Minho’s cats without any success— but he has to remind himself that he's here for Changbin, to support his friend in whatever way he can during these uncertain times. He can’t let Seungmin ruin this for Changbin. And him.

As they leave the station, Minho can't help but notice the changes in the city. There's an air of anticipation mingled with fear, people hurrying about their daily lives with a sense of urgency. The looming threat of the apocalypse hangs heavy in the air, casting a shadow over everything.

Minho lives in the countryside. The difference of atmosphere between the city and the countryside is so huge that Minho is a bit overwhelmed. Maybe that’s why he had decided to come back to his town after his breakup with Seungmin. The city was not for him.

He doesn’t have the time to dwell on the fact that the city might have been a big reason on why it didn’t work out between them, because Seungmin stops in front of a car and opens the truck to put Minho’s luggage in it.

“This is your car?” Minho can’t help but ask, incredulous. Seungmin nods without sparing him a glance. “Since when do you have your license?”

“You ask a lot of questions, hyung,” Seungmin sweetly answers and Minho instantly shuts up, muttering profanities in his beard as he hop on the backseat with his cats.

The Kim Seungmin he knew would have never gotten his driving license. He had Minho to drive him everywhere, even though Minho kept bugging him to take driving lessons because he couldn’t keep relying on him.

If Minho had known Seungmin would get his head up off the floor after the breakup, he would have dumped him earlier.

(It’s a lie. Seungmin was the most hard-working person Minho had ever met, he wasn’t just bothered with learning how to drive. And he liked being Minho’s passenger princess.) (Minho gags at this thought.)

The drive is long. Changbin and Seungmin catch up for all the time lost. Changbin asks Seungmin things he has seen the younger post on instagram or whatever. This is very awkward for Minho who doesn't know understand anything about their conversation.

Minho perks up only when he hears Hyunjin's name.

"I guess you're here because of Hyunjinnie," Seungmin says, which confirms that he and Hyunjin are still friends. "Told me about a high school sunbae messaging him, and when he told me the name I was like 'no way! Changbin hyung!'.”

“Glad you remembered me.”

“It’s hard to forget you,” Seungmin chuckles.

“Yeah… Sorry for not contacting you sooner.” Minho can hear the pout in Changbin’s voice.

“No it’s okay, I understand,” Seungmin replies, and Minho scoffs because it’s obvious that he’s referring to the breakup. Changbin has always been Minho’s closest friend so it was no surprising that he somewhat took Minho’s side.


“Yah, hyung, don’t go all sad on me now! We have a lot of catching up to do. And I also have to threaten you for your date tomorrow. Hyunjin has self-proclaimed himself as my best friend so he told me to give you the best friend talk.”

“It’s not a date!” Changbin sputters.

“We learn that we’re gonna die in less than a month and suddenly you DM a guy you haven’t seen in like, what, eight years?”

Minho sees Seungmin raising a brow through the rear mirror. Despite being on bad terms with him, teasing Changbin comes naturally to him so he adds: “Bin had the biggest crush on him back then.”

As Changbin makes a strangled noise, Minho and Seungmin’s eyes meets through the mirror. Minho quickly looks at the window, feigning interest in the buildings, not wanting to get reminded of the days of young Minho and Seungmin teaming up to make fun of Changbin.

“I did not!” His friend exclaims. “Minho hyung wasn’t even aware that I liked Hyunjin until I mentioned it to him one day. And it wasn’t even a crush. Just found him handsome. That’s all.”

“It didn’t keep you from writing in your bucket list that you wanted to ask him out though,” he says, wanting to rile Changbin up nonetheless.


“You know that Minho was never the one to keep tab on someone’s business when we were teens,” Seungmin remarks, which angers Minho. How dare he talk about Minho as if he knows him? Teenager Minho is nothing like Adult Minho. Seungmin doesn’t know sh*t.

“Minho hyung,” he says with the most threatening voice he can muster.

“Yeah,” Changbin agrees, both of them ignoring Minho’s correction. “His whole attention was on— Uh.”

It goes quiet after that.

They all know what Changbin was referring to. Minho and Seungmin were already dating in high school, and Minho’s life basically revolved around Seungmin at that time.

(“Hyung,” Changbin said while sitting down at the table Minho was having lunch at. He looked around him then asked: “Seungminnie isn’t here?”

“Just dropped him to his class,” Minho replied, grumpily taking a bite of his kimbap. They were supposed to have lunch together but stupid Kim Seungmin had forgotten to warn him about one of his classes getting reported to that hour.

“Well, no need to cry anymore sunbaenim because I’m here to keep you company!”

“Hurray,” Minho said, not unkindly but still pissed off.

Changbin ignored Minho’s sarcasm and leaned in, a playful grin on his lips. “I have something to tell you.”

“If it isn’t about Seungmin, I don’t want to hear it.”

“It’s about Seungmin,” Changbin said and sheepishly added after getting Minho’s full attention: “Well. Not really but- Hyung, don’t leave please. Y’know his friend Hwang Hyunjin? The kid from his class?” And that was how Minho had learnt about Changbin’s crush on Hyunjin.)

Minho recognizes the house. He has spent nearly two years living with Seungmin in it. It’s almost surprising how Seungmin hasn’t moved out yet. This flat is way too big for only one person.

It seems like Minho isn’t the only one recognizing the house, he thinks as he frees his cats and they immediately rub themselves against the wall corners. Soonie even sits on the couch, this little traitor. Minho tries not to dwell on the fact that his cats look way more relaxed than he is in their old house. Hell, Dori has only lived here for a few months!

Minho stands awkwardly at the entrance while Seungmin brushes past them to put his bag and keys on the table.

“Want something to drink?” Seungmin asks, fully turned to Changbin who goes to sit on the couch next to Soonie. The feline happily climbs on Changbin’s laps and purrs as Changbin absently pets him.

“Just water is okay, thanks,” Changbin replies. Seungmin hums, about to disappear in the kitchen when Changbin suddenly adds: “Minho hyung also wants water.”

“No,” Minho immediately says. He does not want water from Kim Seungmin.

Only Seungmin’s voice and the sound of water can be heard. “He can help himself. He knows where everything is.”

Right. When Minho was living here, he had banned Seungmin from the kitchen after the younger had almost set the whole house on fire while cooking f*cking ramen. And Minho, as a self-proclaimed chef, loved to spend his days in the kitchen trying to cook new dishes for his— for Seungmin.

He briefly wonders if Seungmin can cook to save his life now. It would be embarrassing if he functions with only instant ramen and the lack of vitamins and proteins in his body. From what he has seen, Seungmin still looks as lanky and slim as before.

Minho can see Changbin pouting through the corner of his eyes, mumbling something about the tension, but he doesn't care. He would rather sleep under a bridge than inside Seungmin’s house.

The latter brings a glass of water to Changbin and nothing for Minho. That little piece of sh*t.

He takes advantage of the fact that the two other men are talking to step into the kitchen. Changbin was right, he does want to drink water. However, his first instinct is to open the fridge, see how empty it is except for a few bottles of beer, a carton of eggs and a jar of kimchi.

Looks like Seungmin still doesn’t know how to take care of himself. Not that Minho cares or anything, he just finds it absurd how, five years later, Seungmin hasn’t changed at all. Minho had apparently taken Seungmin’s healthy life with him the moment he stepped out of the apartment with all his luggage, not even looking back at Seungmin’s desperate cries.

Frowning, he pours himself a glass of water, not bothering to put the glass in the sink once he is done drinking it. He just wants to leave. The more he stays here, the more he feels himself slowly losing his mind.

There are too many memories here. He has spent the last five years perfectly living without thinking about Kim Seungmin even once. And now, everything is suddenly Seungmin, Seungmin, Seungmin and Seungmin.

He walks back in the living room just as Changbin asks their host where they will be sleeping.

“On my bed,” Seungmin shrugs. Oh no, this is Minho’s worst nightmare.

“Oh no,” Changbin speaks exactly Minho’s mind, except it must be because he doesn’t want to steal Seungmin’s bed while Minho literally can’t see himself sleeping on his ex’s bed. It doesn’t sit right with him. “We’ll take the couch.”

“Two grown men on this small couch?” Seungmin raises a brow. “It’s okay, I can lend you my bed for two nights.”

Minho's jaw clenches. He's already endured enough discomfort for one day; he can handle a few nights on the couch. Plus, it's not like he hasn't slept in uncomfortable places before. He just hopes that Changbin will stubbornly protest, saying something like Minho hyung can even sleep on the floor, he doesn’t mind.

He wouldn’t mind it to be honest, everything is better than using Seungmin’s bed.

A little voice in his head tells him that this is his old bed too, unless Seungmin has changed it over the time.

"Thank you, Minnie," to Minho’s horror, this is what Changbin says— with a grateful smile even! "We really appreciate it."

You’re a dead man, Seo Changbin, Minho thinks. “Don’t include me in this,” he opts to say instead.

“What hyung is trying to say is that he’s thankful too,” Changbin sheepishly says, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh, I’m sure he is,” Seungmin replies and Minho swears he is mocking him. “He can show you the way.”

"No, I can't."

"Oh, you can't?" Seungmin challenges him.

"You know what, Kim Seungmin," Minho is about to snap, but Changbin beats him to it.

"Come on, hyung, lead the way!” He stands up and puts Soonie in Minho's arms to calm him down. It works. Minho glares at him but reluctantly complies.

“Sorry for the mess,” Seungmin calls behind them.

He’s a liar. The room is as neat as Minho remembers. The room hasn't changed at all. The bed is the same, the bedsheets are the same, the closet is the same, the posters are the same…

The weight of what he is doing, where he is and who he is with, suddenly hits him. He sighs, tired, and doesn’t control it when he lets himself fall on the bed.

He hears the sound of the door closing and feels the bed dip from the weight of another person. “I’m sorry,” Changbin whispers as he lies next to him.

He sighs again, eyes closed. “Don’t be.”

“Lix is in Australia and Jeongin in Busan so—”

Minho cuts him off. “It’s okay, Bin-ah,” he reassures his friend before the latter goes on a long rant. “It just would’ve been nice to give me a heads up.”

“You’d have thrown yourself on the rails,” Changbin pouts.

“And you’re right,” Minho agrees, making Changbin chuckle. There is a small silence, then he says: “You better enjoy your date with Hyunjin tomorrow. Just so I’m not suffering for nothing.”

“Seungmin is a nice guy.”

“I’m sure he is,” Minho mutters under his breath. “Bin. We broke up. We aren’t friends. I’m doing this only for you and your stupid date.”

"I'm glad you came with me," Changbin says after a short pause. "I wouldn't have forgiven myself if I let you live those last weeks alone."

“I don’t need pity,” Minho says. He bits back a snarky comment about how he would rather die now in agony than spend one more minute within one hundred kilometers radius of Seungmin.

“And it’s not a stupid date! Just a friendly outing.”

Minho rolls his eyes but smiles at his friend. Despite the situation, he's quite happy to have Changbin by his side.

As the afternoon progresses, Minho finds himself tensing every time he sees Seungmin out of the corner of his eye. He's hyperaware of every movement, every sound, every breath. It's like being back in high school all over again, walking on eggshells around Seungmin when he didn’t have the guts to confess.

He keeps to himself, trying not to think about his past. But his mind betrays him and he finds himself reminiscing on the past, the memories with Seungmin. It was a simple relationship at first, but somehow it turned into something else. Something too suffocating for Minho to handle and he had nothing else to do beside leaving.

His breaking point, however, happens when he finally leaves the bedroom in order to feed his babies. As he didn’t want to bump into Seungmin even more, he has locked himself with his cats in the room, not even letting Changbin disturb him.

You would think that he doesn’t get to act like that because this isn’t even his house, and you’re right, but something at the back of his mind tells him that he has lived here, has slept in this room countless times, so he can do whatever he wants.

It’s been five years already, but he’s sure that he can still navigate through all the rooms of this house with closed eyes.

Moving on. He decides that his baby cats need real food inside their tiny bodies and that he can’t feed them on snacks forever, and steps into the kitchen.

He stops right on his tracks when he notices Seungmin crouched in front of something. Minho takes advantage of the fact that Seungmin hasn’t noticed him yet to take a look at what he’s doing.

He’s pouring cat food onto a bowl. Minho’s heart, this traitor — everyone keeps betraying Minho today — skips a beat.

Soonie, Doongie and Dori have never carried Seungmin in their heart, but Seungmin is nothing if not a patient man, always trying to make them like him. And here he is, five years later, still being nice to Minho’s cats.

Seungmin must have felt Minho staring at him because he raises his head. Their eyes meet and Minho quickly looks away, embarrassed at being caught staring. He feels his throat constricting and his eyes prickling. He doesn't even know why.

"You're feeding them," he blurts out, his mouth acting before his brain can stop him.

"Huh?" Seungmin unintelligently replies. "Who?"

"The- the cats," Minho gestures to his cats who are currently sniffing the food. "You're feeding them."

"Oh. Well. Not really..." Seungmin trails off, scratching his nape, looking a bit shy. "It's for my dog."

Minho blinks, taken by surprise. "Your dog," he echoes, his voice cracking a bit.

"My dog," Seungmin confirms.

"You have a dog," he says it like it's an accusation. It technically is. He can't believe Seungmin has gotten himself a dog.

"She's five," Seungmin adds quietly, as if Minho cares. Minho doesn't care about Kim Seungmin and his dog at all. "She's cute."

Minho nods slowly, his expression unreadable. He's trying to process this new information. "Right. She's five. Got it." He isn't dumb. By the way Seungmin has said it, it's obvious that he adopted the animal right after Minho left him. The latter almost feels guilty until he pettily notes that Seungmin has replaced him with a dog of all animals. "Where is she?"

"Outside," Seungmin nods at the door leading to the backyard.

"Since when?" He asks, still worried for the dog's wellbeing.

"Ha, you're a curious man, hyung," Seungmin grins, putting his hands on his knees to help him stand up. Minho groans, of course Seungmin only uses hyung when he wants to make fun of him. “I figured your cats wouldn’t like her that much. And the garden is big enough for her.”

Minho pointedly decides to ignore the fact that Seungmin has thought of his cats’ wellbeing. “What’s her name?”


“That’s such an ugly name.”

Seungmin huffs. “If you want to feed your cats, do it now. I’ll let Puppym inside after you bring them back to the bedroom.”

Minho glares at him, a bit offended that Seungmin acts like he knows how to take care of his cats better than Minho himself. However, his annoyance disappears when he sees his cats trying to eat the dog food. "Nuh huh, it's too big for your tiny teeth. Here." He crouches down to feed his cats.

Thankfully, Seungmin leaves the kitchen to go to the backyard. It would have been uncomfortable if they stayed in silence together. Minho hears a bark and Seungmin joyfully chuckling while calling his dog's name. His cats also hear it, as their ears stand on alert for a few seconds.

When the three are done eating, Minho picks up their empty bowls, quickly wash them in the sink and goes back to the room. He doesn't bother telling Seungmin that he can come back inside.

(Changbin is tucked under the covers, scrolling on his phone, and Minho lazily pushes him to the other side of the bed. “Move. It’s my side.” Changbin looks at him like he has grown a second head. “What?”

“This isn’t your bed,” Changbin says, amused.

Minho opens his mouth then closes it. Right, that’s not his bed. Changbin can sleep wherever he wants. “I just wanna be closer to the window.”

“Sure, you do.”)

In the morning, Changbin causes a ruckus in order to get ready for his date and wakes Minho up at the same time. The door to the bedroom is wide open and his cats are nowhere to be seen. A wave of panic sweeps through him.

“Where are SoonDoongDo?”

Changbin turns around and finds Minho looking at him with barely opened eyes. “Oh hyung, you’re awake,” he greets. “They are with Puppym downstairs. Which shirt should I wear?”

“What do you mean they are with that dog?” He asks, almost screaming. The dog could have eaten his babies alive, who knows!

“They are so cute sleeping together!” Apparently, Changbin thinks that this isn’t a big issue as he continues holding the two shirts, looking at Minho expectantly. “So. Which shirt?”

“Changbin, I couldn’t care less about your stupid shirt,” Minho hisses as he stands up to go save his cats. “I hope Hyunjin run away the second he sees you,” he says and bolds out of the room.

When he arrives in the living room, he notices Seungmin sitting on the couch sipping on a cup of coffee. Still a caffeine addict, he bitterly scoffs. One of the bad habits he gave Minho. Stop drinking coffee after breaking up was also the first thing Minho did.

Dog ears can also be seen poking out from the sofa. If Minho squints a little more, he can almost see dog ears on Seungmin's head too. Minho does not like dogs one tiny bit.

“Yah, Kim Seungmin!”

Seungmin jumps from the loudness of Minho’s voice. He quickly turns around, a bit shocked. “Hyung?”

Had Minho not frozen at the sight of his three cats spread on the couch — Soonie making biscuits on the dog’s fur, Doongie lying next to the dog’s head and Dori loafing between the dog’s front paws — he would have made a comment about Seungmin finally using hyung. However, his inner mother bear is freaking out for his babies’ safety.

Minho points at the dog. Puppym, not Seungmin. "Why is it here?"

"Because she’s my dog. And she’s a female.”

"Yes but—" He takes a deep breath. “My cats. Are you out of your mind?”

"They seem fine to me," Seungmin shrugs and goes back to his coffee.

Minho gasps in disbelief, his hand on his chest. How dare Kim Seungmin treat his pets like this? “Your dog could harm them!”

“Put some respect on Puppym’s name. She wouldn’t hurt a fly,” Seungmin calmly states, bragging about his dog’s good education.

Minho opens his mouth and closes it, at a loss for words. He is ready to argue back when suddenly Dori meows, stretching, and Minho is immediately distracted.

He watches in horror as Dori, his least affectionate cat, approaches the dog and rubs his cheek against her muzzle. The dog happily wags its tail and Minho swears he sees the animal smiling.

He feels the urge to reach for his phone and capture the moment.

“See,” Seungmin suddenly says, watching the interaction too. “Cats and dogs do get along well.”

“Not all cats and dogs,” Minho replies, rather solemnly.

Seungmin hums. “I guess not,” and he takes another sip.

Minho walks Changbin to his date location. Seungmin has proposed to drive him but Minho has immediately refused because 1) he won’t let Seungmin steal his best friend, 2) he will go crazy if he stays in the same house as Seungmin the whole house and 3) he remembers the city like the back of his hand even though he hasn't been here in years.

Hyunjin is already there and he brightens upon seeing them. Or rather, seeing Changbin. When he makes eye contact with Minho, he tries not to be obvious about his dislike on Minho.

Minho wants to laugh. The guy was so scared of him in high school, but now he bares his teeth at him. It’s been years. Minho has moved on, Seungmin has too, so Hyunjin should do the same.

“Minho sunbae,” Hyunjin greets nonetheless with a curt nod. Minho nods back, not adding anything else.

Sensing the rising tension, Changbin clears his throat. “Thank you for accepting to meet me, Hyunjin-ah.” Hyunjin answers with a beaming yet shy smile. Then, Changbin turns to Minho. “Would you be okay hyung?”

“I’m not your kid, Bin. Go have fun on your date,” he waves him off. He doesn’t really know is there to do alone that won’t bore him, but he will manage.

“Not a date,” Changbin sputters, waving his hands frantically in front of Hyunjin so he doesn’t get the wrong idea.

Hyunjin pouts. “Ah? It’s not?”

Changbin makes a strangled noise and Minho decides that it’s time for him to leave the two alone. Hands in the pockets, he mutters a small bye and lets his feet take him wherever they want.

He walks around the city for a bit. He passes by the library, the park, the mall. Even the university where Seungmin study. There are memories in every corner, and Minho is a bit overwhelmed. The streets have changed a bit, and there are more restaurants and shops that have opened, but everything is still familiar to him.

He doesn’t want the familiarity. He’s a stranger now, he has no reason to feel nostalgic. He hated everything here back then, so he doesn’t understand why there is a knot in his stomach.

They— he and Seungmin, no… Seungmin— had decided to move out to Seoul after graduating from high school as he wanted to attend the best medical school in the country. Minho had decided to follow him. He had nothing better to do and he wanted to stay with Seungmin.

They left their family and all their friends in the town and went to the capital together. Minho didn’t really mind, as long as he had Seungmin by his side.

However, expectations were too high, and the relationship soon became too much for him. He felt suffocated, like he was living the wrong life. Seungmin just didn't fit in his anymore.

After spending nearly three hours wondering around, he decides to walk back home — at Seungmin’s house. He has no idea when Changbin will come back, and he doesn't really care. He wants to cuddle his cats and forget.

Unfortunately, his cats must like making his life miserable because they are playing with Seungmin’s dog and don’t even spare him a glance when he opens the front door. Cats and dogs do get along well, he bitterly repeats in his head.

Seungmin is fast asleep on the couch, laptop perched on his thighs. He has his mouth open and little snores come out of it.

Minho doesn’t spare him more than a glance and retrieves to the bedroom instead. He is in need of a nap himself.

He closes his eyes, trying not to think about the man downstairs. The man he has loved for so long. The man he has lost all feelings for.

It’s a little upsetting.

The world is ending in twelve days, and Minho and Changbin go home. Minho is exhausted. He misses his bed. His cat must miss it too— even though the farewells between them and Puppym were more emotional than between Minho and Seungmin. Not a single word, not a single nod, not a single eye contact.

Changbin invites himself at Minho’s to keep the older man company. The latter states that he doesn’t need one, that Changbin should spend the remaining time with his family. Minho has work to do, it’ll keep him busy, even if he won’t get paid for it considering they won’t see the start of next month.

“It didn’t work out between Hyunjin and I,” Changbin says two days later when they are both sprawled on Minho’s bed for a lame sleepover. Minho plays with Changbin’s hair as he answers a simple ‘ah’. “He couldn’t really see a future with me, y’know.”

This gets a good laughter out of Minho. “You’re doomed then. No one will ever want you, my poor Binnie.”

After changing to their pajamas, Minho crawls under the covers. Changbin raises a brow at him. “Didn’t you say that you like to be closer to the window?”

“If you don’t shut the f*ck up right now, I’m gonna throw out of that very window.”

It’s an irrefutable truth: Minho doesn’t sleep well.

He hasn’t ever since he came back from Seoul. First, he has thought that it’s because the realization of dying in a few days has finally sunk in until he remembered that he doesn’t really care about that. Living or dying, it doesn’t really make a difference to him.

No, the problem seems to be a more severe one. Something like being uncomfortable in his own bed. He keeps moving from side to side and even his cats’ next to him don’t help him relax.

“What’s my problem, Soonie?” He asks the orange cat, holding him in front of his face. It’s almost four in the morning and he still has his eyes wide open. He doesn’t even want to see how long his dark circles are.

Soonie meows and it makes Minho deeply think.

“Are you sure, baby?” He stares at the feline who meows again a few seconds later. He wants to be put down but Minho understands something else. “Ugh…”

He grabs his phone, sends a text in the groupchat with his colleagues saying that he’s quitting even if he doesn’t know if anyone checks the groupchat anymore. He then opens a browser tab and—

He and Kim Seungmin have broken up five years ago. There is nothing tying them together anymore. Except the bed wherein Minho has slept like a baby despite being under Seungmin’s roof.

He makes a face when the train ticket for in a few hours is bought. He blames everything on Soonie.

Hyung open the door please
I have croissannnts!

Minho hyungie
not home sry

You, Lee Minho, not home??
Are you outside without me forcing you to oh my god
I’m so proud of you
Where even are you?

Minho hyungie
none of ur business
see u soon ig


Seungmin closes the door as soon as he opens it. “No.”

Minho puts his feet between the door before it fully closes. “Hear me out first.”

Seungmin glares at him, his expression showing pure annoyance. Good thing Minho isn't easily scared. "Go ahead," he sighs but makes no sign to open the door further. Minho guesses that he can work with that for now. "Changbin hyung isn't here to back you up so I expect a good excuse."

"I can't sleep," Minho hesitantly says. It's true, but he's not really proud of it. He doesn't like feeling vulnerable.

"I can't either. I thought it was the case for everyone," Seungmin answers dryly.

Minho rolls his eyes. "I can't sleep. In my bed."

"That's too bad."

"My bed is uncomfortable."

Seungmin finally opens the door wider, to look at Minho in full confusion. “And you came to Seoul to buy a new mattress?” He asks suspiciously.

Minho takes a deep breath. He blames what he is about to say on the lack of sleep. "Your bed isn't," he says. Seungmin still stares at him as if he's an alien. "Uncomfortable, I mean. Let me sleep there."

There is a pause, Seungmin processing his words. Mildly feeling self-conscious, Minho avoids eye contact, looking at his cat carriers. Doongie meows loudly, waking Seungmin from whatever his thoughts are.

"You want to sleep in my bed," Seungmin confirms with a weird voice. Minho's heart skips a beat, but he blames it on his nervousness. "You are not joking, are you?"

“Do you think I’d have gone all the way to Seoul just to prank you?” Minho exasperatingly asks.

“You’re always full of surprises,” Seungmin says. Minho doesn't really know if he should feel offended. "How long do you want to stay?"

"Until the end of the world," Minho deadpans, causing Seungmin to roll his eyes. He then adds, a bit more quietly: "It won't be long anyway."

"I literally have no reason to accept," Seungmin points out, crossing his arms over his chest. Minho has forgotten how stubborn the younger can be. A thing that hasn't changed over the years it seems.

"I can cook you dinner." It’s his last argument.

Seungmin stares at him for a few seconds. "I don't want you to cook for me," he eventually says. Minho opens his mouth to protest, but Seungmin cuts him off. "Just because Puppym miss your cats," he says as he lets Minho in.

As expected, Seungmin’s dog walks around the carriers as soon as Minho puts them in the living room. Her tail waggles excitedly and waggles even more after hearing one of the cat meows. Minho opens the doors to let the cats out, and watches the animals celebrate their reunion.

“Just to let you know,” Seungmin starts. “I’m doing you a favor right now, so I expect something in return.”

“Since when do you care about that?”

Young Seungmin didn’t like being indebted to someone and didn’t want others to feel like they had to return a favor. He was servable, always eager to help others out.

“A lot of things have changed, Minho.”

The ‘it’s minho hyung for you’ dies on his tongue.

A tense silence envelops the room, thick with the weight of unspoken grievances and unresolved emotions. Minho can’t help but feel a pang of guilt, knowing that their relationship had soured like that and he hadn’t let Seungmin explain himself. He had broken up with Seungmin and just simply walked away. It won’t be a surprise if Seungmin is somewhat still upset about that even if he has moved on long time ago.

They used to be inseparable, their bond forged through countless shared experiences and intimate moments. But now, standing in Seungmin's living room, they are nothing more than estranged ex-lovers.

Minho gulps, “Yeah. We all change.” He clears his throat, trying to dispel the heavy atmosphere that hangs between them. "Seungmin, I—”

“If you want to apologize because you want to be clean before dying, forget it,” Seungmin waves him off. He doesn’t look mad or anything, just tired. “It’s been years. I’ve had the time to forgive and forget you.”

Seungmin's words hit Minho harder than he expected. Of course, Seungmin must have been heartbroken after the breakup.

Minho remembers the texts Seungmin had sent him when he was already at his parents’ place in their hometown. It had started with Seungmin begging him to come back and progressively the messages had turned pretty mean. He didn’t know if Seungmin meant them, he was certainly too hurt to realize how harsh his words were. Minho had simply blocked him without answering.

“I didn’t come here to apologize,” Minho finally admits, voice slightly trembling. “I’ve also had the time to forget you.”

Seungmin raises an eyebrow, his expression unreadable. "Then why are you here, Minho?"

“Your bed is comfortable.”

The other man audibly sighs and leaves. Minho thinks that it’s the end the conversation until Seungmin comes back with a glass of water. He finishes the glass in one gulp, washes his mouth with the back of his hand and says: “I need alcohol. I can’t believe I let you stay with me for my last days.”

“That was what I thought when I bought the train ticket.”

“Don’t compare me to yourself.”

Minho chuckles softly, feeling a bit of tension ease between them. Despite the awkwardness, there's a flicker of familiarity in their banter that brings a sense of comfort.

“You can put your bags in the room,” Seungmin tells him. He’s a way better host to him than he was when Changbin was here, Minho contently notes.

“Sorry for making you sleep on the couch again,” Minho says in a way to thank Seungmin. He isn’t sorry at all though.

“You aren’t sorry at all,” Seungmin points out and Minho has to bite the inside of his cheek not to grin. “I like sleeping with Puppym so it’s okay.”

As Minho settles into the room, he can't help but feel a sense of relief washing over him. Despite the awkwardness and the underlying tension between them, being in Seungmin's presence feels strangely comforting. It's as if, for a moment, he's found a temporary refuge from the chaos of his own mind.

Seungmin watches him silently for a moment before speaking up. "You know, you could have just said that you wanted to see me. No need for elaborate excuses about beds and insomnia."

Minho grimaces. If Seungmin doesn’t believe him, that’s fine, but if he starts thinking that Minho came for him, that’s not good at all. “No—"

There's a softness in Seungmin's eyes that Minho hasn't expected, a glimmer of understanding that tugs at his heartstrings. Curse Seungmin and his never holding grudges heart. "You were never good at asking for what you needed," Seungmin muses.

Minho's chest tightens with emotions he's long buried, memories of their shared past flooding his mind. "I don’t need you. Neither do I wanted to see you,” he snarls. “Just the bed.”

Seungmin puts in hands in the air, feigning innocence. “Could have texted to ask me what’s my mattress’ brand then.”

“I don’t have anything contact you on,” Minho says, hoping Seungmin would drop the subject.

“You could just unblock me.”

Minho blinks. He decides not to answer and unpacks his luggage.

Unfortunately for him, Seungmin is still as stubborn as before. “Or ask Changbin to contact me. Or even Felix or Jeongin.”

“I don’t talk to them anymore.”

“Huh. I know. I also know that you wished Felix a good birthday at midnight once.”

“That’s defamation.”

Seungmin continues: “He got mad at me because I wished it two hours before it was too late. Said something like ‘even Minho hyung was the first one to tell me’. He misses you, y’know.”

Minho hums. He doesn’t know what to do with this information. He wishes Seungmin leave him alone to unpack his luggage in silence.

“And Jeongin, he—”

“Stop talking,” Minho cuts him off. “Don’t make it awkward.”

Seungmin's expression softens, and he moves closer, leaning against the wall opposite Minho. "Things are already awkward, Minho.”

“Don’t make it more awkward then,” he quietly retorts.

“We’re exes,” Seungmin says as if it explains everything.

It does. They are exes, not friends, not strangers, not enemies. Just exes. But what kind of exes spend their last days together?

“Should we become friends then?” Minho tentatively asks. “It’ll be less awkward.”

Seungmin's lips twitch in what could almost be considered a smile, but it quickly fades into a frown. "Friends," he repeats, the word sounding foreign on his tongue. "After everything?"

Minho nods, his throat feeling tight. "After everything."

Minho didn’t cry the days following the breakup. He had his parents to comfort him, his cats to look after, his friends to keep him company even though some of them— Changbin especially— were mad at his decision.

His mind was also preoccupied with the thought of finding a job. He didn’t have one in Seoul, his job was taking care of Seungmin and he was being paid in smiles, laughs, and kisses. And as he didn’t want his to bother his parents even more, he wanted to make some money and rent an apartment alone.

So, after blocking and unfollowing Seungmin everywhere, after finding a job and spending all his savings on the best cat trees, Seungmin had become a distant memory.

Until Jisung posted a selfie of he and Seungmin on his Instagram story, Jisung smiling dumbly at the camera and Seungmin hiding his smile behind his phone. Even Hyunjin and Felix were tagged on the story.

It had hurt. Jisung was his friend, not Seungmin’s. He hadn’t told Minho that he would go on a small vacation to Seoul and hang out with the three other guys. Jisung and Felix didn’t even know each other back then! And he had thought that Jisung and Hyunjin weren’t really close.

Minho scrolled through Jisung's Instagram stories, each one felt like a jab to his heart. The image of all of them together, their laughter captured in silly little videos. It wasn't just the fact that Seungmin seemed to have moved on so or was good at putting on a facade, but Minho felt like an idiot, miserably crying while his ex-boyfriend was having fun.

The rational part of Minho's mind knew that he shouldn't let this affect him, that he should focus on moving forward with his own life. But the sting of betrayal and the feeling of being left behind gnawed at him relentlessly.

Even if he had been the one leaving Seungmin behind.

Despite agreeing on becoming friends, they make no effort to do so. They don’t talk to each other for the rest of the day unless for formalities, and their formalities are nowhere near formal. Seungmin still doesn’t use hyung when addressing him and Minho acts way too proud for someone who doesn’t live here.

At least, the cats and the golden retriever seem to be having the time of their life.

Even Minho grows attached to the dog. She is affectionate and, even though Minho doesn’t really like dogs, he accepts the attention she wants to give him. Communicating with her is way better than communicating with Seungmin.

He is sitting on the floor, playing with the dog when Seungmin comes out of the bathroom. Minho can tell that he is trying hard not to show his surprise at seeing the both of them together. "Cats and dogs do get along after all," is the only thing he says before he disappears into the kitchen.

Minho decides to put on his big boy pants so he follows Seungmin, bringing the dog with him as a shield in case Seungmin wants to throw him out.

"My offer to cook is still on," he proposes.

Seungmin pauses mid-opening the pack of instant ramen and says, "I don't want it."

"Come on, Seungmin, you can’t live on ramen forever. You know it’s not good for your health.”

“We don’t have forever, Minho. And don’t act like you care about my health.”

“I care as a friend."

Seungmin holds his stare then lets out an exasperated sigh. "Fine, make dinner."

"Do you have vegetables in the fridge?" Minho asks, already opening the refrigerator door. He's not surprised to see that there is, in fact, no vegetables in the fridge. "We need to do the groceries," he states, frowning at the contents of the fridge.

"We?" Seungmin asks incredulously. "You go alone."

Minho already feels a headache coming in. Who said trying to become friends with your ex is easy?

"I'm making you dinner, the least you could do is come with me."

"I'm letting you sleep in my bed, the least you could do is leave me alone."

"Stop being such a child," Minho hisses. He is starting to get annoyed by Seungmin's behavior.

"I'm not being a child," Seungmin snaps. "I don't even know why you're here. You suddenly appear and demand to stay at my house, and now you're nagging at me like a mother."

"If you didn't want me here, you should have said no," Minho replies. "You should have slammed the door shut, not let me in. So stop whining and just do the groceries with me."

"Where— you— ugh," Seungmin grunts in frustration. "I'd have come with you if— you don't live here anymore," he says with a strained voice, pointing a finger at Minho. "I'm not here to make things easy for you, Minho. I'm not the one who left. If anything, I should be the one begging you to take me with you."

"I'm not begging—"

"See? All you care about is your pride," Seungmin cuts him off. "That's the exact same reason why you broke up with me, right? You're so full of yourself. And I'm tired of dealing with your selfishness."

His words hit Minho like a ton of bricks. It's the first time one of them mentions the breakup explicitly. A whirlwind of emotions sweeps through him and he has a hard time processing them. "Selfishness," he repeats. He's never heard of such bullsh*t. "I'm not selfish."

"Yeah?" Seungmin affirms, crossing his arms over his chest. "Why did you break up with me then?"

"We already talked about this," Minho replies, his tone low and cold.

"We didn't. You dumped me and left."

Minho takes a deep breath, trying to calm himself down. He knows that losing his temper is the worst thing he could do, but Seungmin's accusations are getting on his nerves— Puppym isn't a good shield. "I told you what was taking a toll on our relationship."

"You broke up with me and immediately left. I didn't have the time to understand."

"What's the point of dwelling on the past, Seungmin? You clearly said you had forgiven me."

"I'm not dwelling on the past," Seungmin scoffs.

"What's the point of talking about this now, then? You want to fight with me? Do you feel better now?" Minho bitterly asks.

Seungmin clenches his jaw, his eyes burning with an intensity that would have made anyone cower in fear. Not Minho, though. "You're in my house. I deserve a better explanation. Consider this your favor."

Minho laughs, dry and humorless. "I needed a change and you were the only obstacle in the way."

Seungmin doesn't move, his eyes still boring into Minho's.

"We were in love."

Minho's heart misses a beat. "It was complicated.”

"Love will always be complicated," Seungmin points out, his voice steady. "But I was twenty. You were twenty-two. How complicated could it have been?"

He knows Seungmin wants answers that past Minho couldn't give but listing them out makes him feel... stupid? Like this was something Seungmin could have reassured him about, but his pride was bigger. Seungmin is right. He was selfish.

He settles on a, "It just was."

Seungmin scoffs, rolling his eyes. "Communication is key, they said," he mutters under his breath. "You're almost thirty. It's time to grow up, hyung."

Using the word 'hyung' just after telling him to grow up. How dare he. Minho feels his blood boil in his veins. His hands are balled into fists at his side, his nails digging painfully into the palms of his hands. He takes a deep breath.

"What do you want me to say then, Seungmin?"

Seungmin shakes his head and sighs. "Nothing. You're still bad at voicing out your thoughts I see."

"Then stop asking," Minho spits out.

"Then leave. We owe each other nothing after all," Seungmin says and walks past him, leaving Minho with a heavy heart and a knot in his throat.

How ironic. Seungmin is the one leaving this time and Minho watches him leave, unable to do anything.

He vaguely understands what Seungmin must have felt at this exact moment back then.

So much for trying to be friends.

They don't see each other for the rest of the night. Minho is too stubborn and prideful— once again— to apologize and Seungmin doesn't seem keen on interacting with him either. The only things keeping Minho sane are the animals in the house. Puppym wants to play with him but he avoids her too, because she reminds him too much of her owner.

He still cooks dinner. It's not because they had a fight that Seungmin doesn't deserve to eat good food. He eats alone though. It's too silent. Even the sound of the video he watches isn't enough to fill the silence. He puts Seungmin's plate in the fridge for the latter to heat up later.

When he walks past the living room to go to the bedroom, he sees Seungmin lying on the couch, quietly reading a book. The hand not holding the book absently pets Dori who is sprawled on his belly. It would have been an endearing sight five years ago. However, now, Minho feels betrayed by his cat.

Dori looks up and meets Minho’s eyes. It’s like he’s judging him. Telling him that he’s wrong and Seungmin is right. Minho can feel the anger resurfacing and he quickly looks away.

If he has felt bad for stealing Seungmin’s bed earlier, he doesn’t anymore.

Rekindling Flames Before the Farewell - Chapter 1 - 143seungmin (2024)
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