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The Nitwitting/The Ballad of Filthy Muck

S12 E1

Feb 23, 2019

Patrick inducts SpongeBob into his prestigious society of dullards and doofuses. Patrick takes his grime to a new extreme, playing around in so much trash that he becomes unrecognizable.

Sandy's Nutty Nieces/Insecurity Guards

S12 E2

Nov 24, 2019

SpongeBob gets in over his head when he volunteers to babysit Sandy's 3 nieces. SpongeBob and Patrick volunteer as guards at the museum, while Squidward attempts to hang his painting unnoticed.

SpongeBob's Big Birthday Blowout

S12 E3

Jul 12, 2019

SpongeBob and Patrick tour the surface world, while the rest of Bikini Bottom prepares a surprise for SpongeBob!

Gary's Got Legs/King Plankton

S12 E4

Jan 18, 2020

Gary is given a set of limbs to keep up with SpongeBob, but soon makes his owner look sluggish by comparison. Plankton practices ruling the world by shrinking himself down and declaring himself king of SpongeBob's aquarium.

FarmerBob/Gary & Spot

S12 E5

Aug 10, 2019

SpongeBob and Patrick work a day on Old Man Jenkins' farm, much to his dismay. Sandy narrates the nocturnal adventures of Gary and his secret pal - Spot.

Broken Alarm/Karen's Baby

S12 E6

Apr 11, 2020

SpongeBob breaks his precious alarm clock, but nothing else is loud enough to wake him up on time. Karen quickly learns that kids grow up too fast after her new child arrives in the mail.

SpongeBob in RandomLand/SpongeBob's Bad Habit

S12 E7

Jul 17, 1999

SpongeBob and Squidward take a delivery to a dreadedtown where the laws of logic no longer apply. SpongeBob can't stop biting his nails, but he also can't figure out why!

The Krusty Bucket/Squid's on a Bus

S12 E8

Nov 5, 2019

Plankton creates a clone of himself and Mr. Krabs, but neither restaurant is safe from the newcomer. Squidward gleefully switches jobs with a bus driver for an easy ride... until SpongeBob and Patrick climb aboard.

Mind the Gap/Dirty Bubble Returns

S12 E9

Nov 23, 2019

Squidward closes the gap in SpongeBob's teeth, which causes a dramatic and unexpected change in his demeanor. The newly reformed "Clean Bubble" takes a dishwashing job at the Krusty Krab, where he is tempted by the grime.


S12 E10

Jul 20, 2020

Plankton's giant Chum Bucket glove runs wild in town, butSpongeBob has a handy friend to help them out. SpongeBob takes his first break ever at work, but how willhe spend his precious time?

Plankton's Old Chum/Stormy Weather

S12 E11

Jun 29, 2019

Where Plankton usually dumps his rotten chum is too full, so he tricks SpongeBob into hiding it around the city. SpongeBob befriends a small storm cloud, but has to protect it from a crazed weather man.

A Cabin in the Kelp/The Hankering

S12 E12

Jan 4, 2020

The Gal Pals take Pearl to a cabin in the woods for a weekend of silly pranks. Mr. Krabs has a secret taste for something... surprising.

Escape from Beneath Glove World

S12 E13

Jan 18, 2020

SpongeBob and Patrick are sent to jail in the underground tunnels of Glove World, leading to a daring escape.

Shell Games/Senior Discount

S12 E14

Mar 17, 2020

Patrick discovers that the rock he lives under is actually a sea turtle who overslept. Old Man Jenkins disrupts business as usual at the Krusty Krab, but Mr. Krabs can't find a way to kick him out.

Jolly Lodgers/Biddy Sitting

S12 E15

Mar 23, 2020

Squidward packs his bags after his house gets infested, but a different kind of pest waits at his hotel. SpongeBob and Patrick get tricked into babysitting a grouchy old lady, who does all she can to escape.

Swamp Mates/One Trick Sponge

S12 E16

Apr 11, 2020

Bubble Bass finds himself stranded with Patrick in a mysterious swamp, looking for a lost action figure. SpongeBob learns a new magic trick, but he can't find anyone to watch it.

Boss for a Day/The Goofy Newbie

S12 E17

Jul 20, 2020

Mr. Krabs has an accident and leaves SpongeBob in charge of the Krusty Krab. What could go wrong? Patrick takes a job at the Goofy Goober when he finds out the employees get free ice cream.

The Krusty Slammer/Pineapple RV

S12 E18

Jul 21, 2020

Mr. Krabs turns the Krusty Krab into a jailhouse after Plankton breaks the law, but crime only pays for so long. SpongeBob and Patrick turn the pineapple into a mobile home to take Squidward on the road trip he deserves.

Krusty Koncessionaires/Dream Hoppers

S12 E19

Nov 7, 2020

The Krusty Krab crew goes to a big concert to sell krabby patties in the stands. SpongeBob explores the melodious dreamscapes of his sleeping neighbors.

The Ghost of Plankton/My Two Krabses

S12 E20

Jan 18, 2021

Plankton becomes a ghost to steal the secret formula, but trequires a few lessons from the Flying Dutchman. Mr. Krabs gets ready for a hot date, but SpongeBob and Patrick give him a little more help than he needs.

Bubble Bass's Tab/Kooky Cooks

S12 E21

Apr 9, 2021

Bubble Bass avoids paying his bill at the Krusty Krab, so SpongeBob and Squidward are sent to collect the cash. Mr. Krabs makes Spongebob and Squidward cook a fancy meal for Mrs. Puff, but every dish becomes a dispute.

Knock Knock, Who's There?/Pat Hearts Squid

S12 E22

Jul 9, 2021

SpongeBob watches Mr. Krabs's house while he's away, so he takes extreme measures to make sure no one breaks in. Squidward is forced to room with Patrick, but his domineering demeanor rubs off on Patrick more than he'd like.

Plankton's Intern/Patrick's Tantrum

S12 E23

Feb 25, 2022

Plankton needs help stealing the formula, so he hires an intern who knows more about Mr. Krabs than anyone. Patrick goes into a destructive fit whenever he hears a bell, so his friends help him in their own ways.

Lighthouse Louie/Hiccup Plague

S12 E24

Apr 22, 2022

SpongeBob cleans out the boating school lighthouse, where he finds a cute but inconvenient companion. No one in Bikini Bottom is safe from a case of contagious hiccups.

Who R Zoo?/Kwarantined Krab

S12 E25

Apr 29, 2022

Who R Zoo?/Kwarantined Krab: SpongeBob and Patrick create their own zoo made entirely of bubbles! The Krusty Krab goes under emergency quarantine, but no one knows who carries the mysterious illness...

SpongeBob SquarePants: Patchy's Playlist

S12 E27

Nov 30, 2019

Patchy takes a fun-filled journey through the world of SpongeBob's best musical moments.

SpongeBob Appreciation Day: Patchy's Beach Bash!

S12 E28

Jan 4, 2020

A shipwreck survivor washes up on the Bikini Atoll, where Patchy shows him his favorite SpongeBob moments.

The SpongeBob SportsPants Countdown Special

S12 E29

Jan 10, 2021

Gear up for SpongeBob's greatest skills, spills, and thrills as our STAR host, Nate Burleson, counts down the sportiest SpongeBob scenes of ALL TIME that YOU voted for! You won't believe what #1 is!

SpongeBob's Spookiest Scenes Countdown Special

S12 E30

Oct 2, 2020

It's Halloween season, and a power outage can't stop Patchy the Pirate from counting down the spookiest SpongeBob scenes EVER. Can you make it to #1?

The Patrick Star Fan Favorites Special

S12 E31

Oct 25, 2021

Break out the mayonnaise, set your belts to Wumbo and prepare to scream LEEDLE LEEDLE LEEDLE LEE. Unspeakable - YouTube star and Patrick Star superfan - is counting down the greatest Patrick Star scenes of ALL TIME that YOU voted for!

The Stars of SpongeBob Fan Favorites Special

S12 E32

Jun 5, 2020

For the first time ever, the voices behind SpongeBob, Patrick, and the rest of Bikini Bottom are re-creating the show's most iconic moments. You voted -- now see which of your favorite scenes get re-made in a hilarious new way!

SpongeBob SquarePants Season 12 Episodes - Watch on Paramount+ (2024)
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